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NameMs. Li-Huey Chang
Job titleStaff
Responsibilities 1.Dispatch and receiving standard documentation, OA, and OD, and implementation of administrative affairs.
2.Compile various information including documents, meeting minutes and evaluations for the execution of work plans etc.
3.Internal control management, personal information management, personal information contact window and safekeeping of properties.
4.Recruitment and review for research personnel.
5.Labor and National Health Insurance registration, removal, and management
6.Establishment of the learning resources platform (including information collection and compilation, maintenance and management of the Student Self Testing platform, and questionnaires on learning styles).
7.Maintenance and management of the Unit's webpage and the University's administrative affairs BBS.
8.TA training and evaluation–TA teaching professional courses online study and TA certification.
9.Handling elite student studies or general student competitions.
10.Edit and publish the Learning Expert Newsletter.
11.Materials for freshman instruction and university instructor meetings.
12.Ad hoc assignments.
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