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The Section was established in 2006 as a secondary administrative unit under the Center for Learning and Teaching for the execution of the Program for Promoting Teaching Excellence Universities of the Ministry of Education. Since August 2019, it becomes a sub-unit of the Office of Student Affairs due to reforms in the organization policy of the school.

[The first Section Chief, Professor Ku, David-Tawei (August 2006–July 2008)] established the mission and service infrastructure of the Student Learning Support Section, focused efforts on the diagnosis and development of students' learning potential, acquired the authorized Chinese version of the Index of Learning Style (ILS), promoted the self-testing mechanisms for studies exclusive for Tamkang students, established mechanisms for learning consulting services, and prepared Learning Strategies Workshop for freshmen.

[The second Section Chief, Professor Hsu, Chia-Ling (August 2008–July 2010)]
focused on students' learning efficacy, assisted in the planning for Learning in University courses, implemented Learning Strategies Workshops for freshmen, provided an online learning environment unrestricted by distance and time, and planned trials for student learning communities and academic assistance plans.

[The third Section Chief, Professor Huang, Ju-Chieh (August 2010–July 2015)]
promoted independent study by students, established multiple Learning Progress Awards (three categories including personal, team and self-expected), promoted student learning communities, and held Reading Expert Competitions to promote a culture of reading in the school.

[The fourth Section Chief, Professor Ho, Li-An (August 2015–present)] provided diversified learning services for different communities through comprehensive learning assistance plans, continued work on the training and evaluation of Teaching Assistants, and planned the establishment of the learning resource platform.
1. Flipped Learning & Teaching to Cultivate Students' Independence 
To implement the spirit of Flipped Learning & Teaching, all activities organized by the Section offer free participation for students to choose independently, returning the right of independent learning to the learners and allowing them to set their own goals for learning, participating in various activities according to their interests and needs, and plan their learning progress in a way that would be suitable for them to develop the independence of university students.

2. Innovative Learning to Promote Diversified Development
Construct diversified learning environments for learners of different levels to satisfy their needs. Enhance learning, innovation, communication, leadership and problem-solving abilities of the learners through various kinds of activities.

3. Peer Teaching to Promote Knowledge Sharing
Recruit and train Teaching Assistants and Strategies Workshop lecturers to provide peer teaching and knowledge sharing, and strengthen the teaching, expression and communication abilities of the learners by means of evaluation and feedback.

4. Incorporate Technologies to Facilitate Resource Integration
Construct resource platforms, produce digital courses for academic assistance, and promote integrated virtual and actual student learning communities etc. Provide learners with more convenient access to various resources through the integration of various online learning resources, thus building a more efficient learning environment.
  The current organization includes 1 Section Chief, 3 Staff Members and 1 Specially Appointed Research Assistant.
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